5 Succulent Middle-eastern Foods That Your Birthday Party Needs

People are fed up eating the same food over and over again. Ham and eggs for breakfast, Indian for lunch, and maybe pizza for dinner… it’s already become a cycle that needs to be broken. Not only in our daily routines, are even birthday parties nowadays becoming too mainstream too. Do you want your one to yet another party or let the people have something extra special? Here are 5 scrumptious middle-eastern dishes that will make your birthday whole lot better. 

  • Lamb shawarma
    Lamb is one of these most exquisite meat types that is popular amongst people. On the other hand, shawarma is one of the iconic middle-eastern food. When both of these come together, it brings the lamb shawarma to the table. You just might need some extra tissues to manage the drooling. You can simply stack up some shawarmas for the guests to enjoy and they will thank you with the bottom of their hearts.
    • Vegan banquet
      If you ever thought that middle-eastern countries like Lebanon didn’t care much for vegetarians, you’re quite wrong. The extra special vegan banquet is the best example for it. Being made of mouth-watering ingredients such as baba ghanoush, labneh, tabouli and many other vegan items, this banquet will feed your vegan friends, perfectly.
      • The sofra
        The sofra is yet another extremely tasty dish that will fill your guests up too well. Being a main course in any Lebanese restaurant Sylvania, you too can use this as the birthday’s main course. Its ingredients are a little exotic for the typical Australian community. But in the end, key ingredients like hummus, tabouli & fattoush, lamb & cheese sambusek and baba ghanoush will make a great impression as a dish.
        • Falafel
          Being another a famous middle-eastern best catering request, the Falafel is a blessing to any kind of an event, especially a birthday party. In this particular dish, fresh vegetables are blended with chick peas and herbs. It comes the table being deep fried and your friends will lose their minds for the tahini sauce.
          • Baklawa
            Once all the main and the side courses are done, the guests will look for a good dessert. Something like Baklawa would fit just fine for this need. Being enriched with cashew nuts, the filo pastries will be even better with the rose syrup.
            The truth is that, the famous era of the Chinese and Indian food has come to an end. They’re too mainstream. But food from middle-east, Lebanon to be more precise is a different experience that would fit just right to your birthday.