How To Plan A First Birthday Party

Babies only have one first birthday therefore all parents wish to make this a memorable experience for their child, something that the child can look back to in the years to come. However, planning a birthday party for a one year old is not easy as it sounds because they are at an age where they either hate something or love it. Therefore, to make sure you throw a memorable birthday party one can peruse the tips mentioned below.

When to HostAs it is the baby’s first birthday even if the birthday falls on a weekday it is advisable to host the party during the weekend in order to make it easier for the guests to attend. Furthermore, one should ensure to plan the party to occur after the gluten free toddler food delivery has been consumed and after nap time to ensure that the birthday girl/boy would be refreshed and not in a bad mood. Moreover, instead of hosting an all day event it is preferable to limit the party for a couple of hours as long –drawn- out events can be overwhelming on babies.

Food & DrinksThe type of menu ultimately depends on the guest list that is whether you are only planning on inviting adults or whether you plan to invite younger attendees as well. However, if you plan to have young party guests while it is expected to serve party favorites one should also make sure healthy kids meals are available. Furthermore, one should determine whether any of the guests have any food allergies or restrictions prior to making a final decision about the menu.

EntertainmentFor the younger attendees one can opt to hire a magician or a balloon maker to entertain them during the party as this could also be a great hit with the birthday girl/boy. However, for the older guests one can have music playing in the background to serenade them but one should ensure that the music is not too loud as it can scare the baby.

Party FavoursIf children are invited it is then expected to give them favours at the end of the party. While it is possible to give these younger attendees small toys or sweets, one can also opt to give all guests gifts. For instance one can set up a photo booth with props and allow the guests to take funny pictures to take home with themkids-happy-meal. Furthermore, one can also give a printed picture of the guests taken with the birthday girl.Although, your baby would not remember his/her birthday the parents want to make sure that this milestone is properly celebrated. Thus one can follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that they have both a memorable and enjoyable celebration.